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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sharepoint interview Questions and Answers:Webpart1

Add Web Part inside a Master Page in SharePoint 2010?
I have added the webparts in masterpage successfully by referring the below post. Thanks, SharePoint King.
Note: we cannot add webpart zones to the master page.

Out of box webparts in SharePoint?
Below are my best references to get knowledge on out of box webparts.
Some of important OOB features are listed below: 

Managed object model: It is important to be aware that you control when the SharePoint Foundation 2010 managed client object model starts sending the XML to the server and receives the JSON back from the server. The bundling of multiple method calls into a single call to the server is dictated by the realities of network speed, network latency, and desired performance characteristics. If the SharePoint Foundation 2010 managed client object model interacted with the server at every method call, the performance of the system, and the increased network traffic would make the system unworkable. As I mentioned, you explicitly control when the SharePoint Foundation 2010 managed client object model bundles method calls and sends a request to the server. As part of this process, before starting the interaction with the server, you must explicitly specify what content you want to retrieve from the server. This is the biggest difference between the SharePoint Foundation 2010 managed client object model and the SharePoint Foundation 2010 object model. But after you understand the model, it is not challenging. The easiest way to start understanding the difference is to see a simple application.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

How To: Create new field and add items in SharePoint list using PowerShell

Below code will help us on below scenerios:
  1. Create a new list in SharePoint using powershell
  2. Check whether the list exits or not?
  3. Create a new field in SharePoint list using powershell
  4. Add items to the list in SharePoint using powershell?

How To: Create new list in sharepoint using powershell: 2013/2010/2007

Below code will help us to create a SharePoint list through PowerShell:

$siteURL= "your site URL"

$ListName ="List Name"

$ListName1 ="ListName1"


$docSite = new-object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite($siteURL)
$docWeb = $docSite.OpenWeb()

$TemplateType = $docWeb.ListTemplates["Custom List"]

function Create-SPList([string]$listName, [string]$description)
 $exLst = $docWeb.Lists[$listName]

        //Create new list if already doesn't exists
 if($exLst -eq $null)
  Write-Host "`n List does not exist. Creating $listName list`n"
  [void]$docWeb.Lists.Add($listName, $description, $TemplateType)


//To create list name

Create-SPList -listName  $ListName   -description "List Description"

Create-SPList -listName1 $ListName1  -description "List Description1"

Please let me know if face any issues while creating list through powershell.

Sasi kumar Reddy

Saturday, June 14, 2014

How To: Create nth level of Folders in SharePoint document library programmatically c#

Create nth level of folders creation in SharePoint document library:  

Requirement:  Recently I have got one requirements i.e. create 2 levels of folder creation in the SharePoint document library means create a root folder and sub folder inside it.

Solution: I started development to support 2 levels of folder creation but I thought later on what to do if users may come back with 3 levels of folder creation. For that reason I have developed to support up to nth level folder creation.

e.g.: Folder creation levels
Level 1: /Document library/ Folder/
Level2:  /Document library/ Folder/Sub Folder/
Level3:  /Document library/ Folder/Sub Folder/Sub Folder/
Nth level:  /Document library/ Folder/Sub Folder/Sub Folder/..................../ nth sub folder