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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

SharePoint Interview Questions and Answers: SPSiteDataQuery

  1. What are SPQuery and SPSiteDataQuery?
  2. SPSiteDataQuery properties?
  3. Difference between SPQuery and SPSiteDataQuery?
  4. What are the limitations of both?
  5. How the SPQuery and SPSiteDataQuery return?
  6. How to set the row limit to the both?
  7. Searching scope levels of SPQuery and SPSiteDataQuery?
  8. What is the max limit of querying the lists using SPSiteDataQuery?
  9. Is it possible to query the records across the site collection level using SPSiteDataQuery?
  10. What is the default row limit value for the SPQuery?
  11. SPQuery.RowLimit Property?
  12. To Query all Web sites in this site collection?
  13. How to query the specific lists only using SPSiteDataQuery?
  14. Difference between Caml and Linq queries?
  15. How to set the Max lists limit?
  16. what all are Errors you faced while working on SPSiteDataQuery?
  17. I have created a custom list called “Employees” in all the sites in a site collection and have added the data in all the lists. Now I want to query those specific lists only. What is the approach?
  18. How can consider hidden lists also in SPSiteDataQuery?
  19. Is it possible to do joins lists using SPQuery?
  20. How to query with the type: Single line of text, multiline of text, persons or groups, DateTime etc..
  21. How to get the folders and sub folders levels documents from the document library?
  22. How to query specific list using SPSiteDataQuery?

How to query specific list using SPSiteDataQuery?
Query.Lists="    <Lists><List ID=”960BF6F6-F264-4305-B3CB-BDB9BF8F67DF” /></Lists>" – query a specific list 

Using Folder, FilesOnly, Recursive, RecursiveAll in SPquery in SharePoint
Joins in SPQuery

SPQuery Quick Guide
//Query on single line of text:

//Query on Multiline of text: - note use of [CDATA[] to avoid parsing errors
<![CDATA[Search Criteria]]>

//Query on Person or Group (By Name)
Sasi Kumar Reddy

//Query on Person or Group (By ID)

//Query on SPUser ID


//Query on SPUser Name

//Query on DateTime Only

//Query on DateTime 

//Query on Lookup by text

// Query on Lookup by ID

// Query on Today date

// Query on last week

//Query to return only empty columns, 
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    Sasi Kumar Reddy