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Friday, May 27, 2016

SharePoint 2016 tutorials: Class Day 1

What/Why is SharePoint and use of it?
  • SharePoint is browser based collaboration/web  platform. You can access it from anywhere.
  • Enterprise Content management
  • Example: Document Management [Sharing/versionsing/Checkin&Checkout/Permisisions/Search/Workflow process/Recycle Bin]
  • Calendar(create tasks/schedule meeting/). We can easily integrate the outlook to SharePoint.
  • services( BCS/Excel service and Reporting services etc..)
  • Rich browser based UI Interface( like drap/drop of files to the document library etc.. )
  • Authentication and Authorization: Single Sign on etc..
  • yammer integration( Its similar to Face book, Twitter but only difference is these are public social networks and Yammer is private social network).
  • Mutli-Language supports( 12 hive means it supports English language)
  • REST API: Through REST API, we can interact directly with SharePoint objects by using any technology that support REST web request and can be easily perform CRUD operations.
  • Office 365
  • Apps, Cloud model

Software and hardware boundaries:
We should have basic understanding about on SharePoint software and hardware requirements before proceeding with the SharePoint. This helps us to decide whether  to go with SharePoint or not.

Example: application project to SharePoint 2010/2013?
Before proceed to go with the migration, we should think about whether it really supports or not. For that it's better  to have an idea about on the software/hardware boundaries.  Let's say SharePoint 2010 supports .Net framework 3.5 but they have used  .Net framework 4.0/4.5 framework to develop the project. in this case SharePoint won't support it and migration is not possible.

Note: SharePoint always supports backward compatibility.

Please go through the below article for the software and hardware boundaries:


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