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Friday, April 3, 2015

Restore-SPSite problems in sharepoint

I have a requirement change the site collection URL (path based). Best recommended way to change the site collection URL in sharepoint 2010 is backup and restore. I followed the same, first I took the backup and then trying to restore the same but it giving exception.

Observation: Restoration fails if any of the URL characters exceed the limit of 260 characters. So, please check the URL characters before proceeds with backup and restore.

Below script will give the accurate results of the URL characters:

Step1:  connect to the DB server and then select the content DB

Step2: Run the script

   ([DirName]+ N'/'+ [LeafName]) AS [FullRelativePath],
   LEN([DirName]+ N'/'+ [LeafName]) AS [Length]
   [Length] DESC

Note: If any of the URL characters exceeds the 260 characters, please make it below and then try to do the back up and restore.

Sasi kumar Reddy

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Solving access denied login for site collection administrators

Recently we migrated the applications from sharepoint 2007 to 2010. Once it’s done, we tried to browse the application but it is giving access denied error. Initially I thought it was due to access issue but I am the primary site collection administrator to that application.

Workaround:  Check status of the content DB whether it is in read-only or not locked stage. If it is in read-only, change it to “Not locked” and then save it.

Now try to browse the application and this time you can able to browse.

Sasi Kumar Reddy