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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Expand Collapse for SharePoint QuickLaunch Navigation in SharePoint using JQuery

Just do copy/paste where ever you want.
1) If you want this at one page level.. add it in content editor web part.
2) If you want this for all the pages.. add this at master page level.
 3) If you want this for few of the pages and all pages are referring same page layout..add it at page layout level..  
Note: Before do copy/paste the below script just keep in mind about image references and .js file

Happy coding.. It's perfectly worked for me. Please let me know for any issues..


  1. Hi Sasi,

    Im watching your blogs everyday. it is very informative.

    can you please shareabove jquery code please

  2. hi Ahok, Sure, i will update the Jquery shortly

  3. Sasi, could you please provide this code? thank you so much..

    USA, Washington dc

  4. From where I can get this code ?