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Monday, December 26, 2016

Move documents along with versioning

Keep in mind that below approach works only within the site collection level.  I mean to say here is it is not possible to move the documents between libraries across site collection levels.

The best approach to move the documents between the libraries along with versioning is using “site content structure” option. 

Note: But one thing we should keep in mind that versioning shoould be enabled in both the source and destination document libraries.

Steps to move the documents between document libraries:

Step1: Go to Site Actions -> Site Settings.  Under “Site Administration” click “Content and structure”

Step2: Find the source library and select the all or any specific documents you want to move and then click “Actions”à Move.

That’s it. Now, go and visit the destination document library. You will get the moved documents along with its versioning’s.

One thing I observed here is, along with the documents versioning, metadata also would came.
I have a created a source document library and created 3 custom columns with different types. Uploaded the new document along with the metadata and then moved this document to destination library.

In addition to the versioning in destination library  what ever the columns available in source got created the same in destination( means 3 custom columns which are all created by me on source library are also available in destination library).

Source library:

Destination library:

Happy Sharepoint.

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