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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

SharePoint Interview Questions and Anwers: Permissions

  1. SPWeb.EnsureUser method?
  2. Difference between SPWeb.Users, SPWeb.AllUsers, SPWeb.SiteUsers?
  3. How to create custom permission levels?
  4. Difference between “Limited Access” and “Read”?
  5. Anonymous access?
  6. What is impersonation in SharePoint?
  7. Which type of permissions the user should have to give access to the unauthorized users?
  8. The “system account” permission levels?
  9. Use of Check permissions?
  10. Permission inheritance?  
  11. How to create sharepoint Groups programtically?
  12. Is Sharepoint Groups are available at site collection level or site level?
  13. How to set item level permissions through coding? 
Download the complete permission Diagram:

     Below are normal permissions available for both SharePoint Foundation and SharePoint Server:

      Below are additional permissions available only for SharePoint Server:


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