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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

SharePoint Interview Questions and Answers2: List vs Library

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Update a SharePoint list item without changes its version?

Difference between Update and systemupdate in SharePoint list?
The Item.Update () updates the database with the changes, creates a new version and changes the “ModifiedOn” and “ModifiedBy” fields.
Limitation: There is no “item.SystemUpdate ()” method at client object model. Only server side is available.

Check in and checked out documents in SharePoint?
The check-in/check-out feature is one of the key features of SharePoint document libraries.
By default, required check-in and check-out is disabled in SharePoint.
  1. Go to library settings àversioning settings
  2. Required documents to be checked out before they can be editedà choose “yes” and click “Ok”

When a user has a document checked out, changes the user makes are not visible to anyone until the document is checked in. Means when a file is checked out to you, you are the only one allowed making changes to it. The file will remain locked (checked-out) until you release it.

Site administrators with correct privileges can discard the checked-out lock made by a user.
Minimum “Designer” level permissions required to override check out others checked out documents.

Note: If the System Account is the account that has the item checked out, users are no longer available to check in the item or discard the check out from the library’s views, even with the Override Check Out permission.

How to make document changes Offline:
When try to check out a document, SharePoint prompts you to save the document in your Local folder.
Your local drafts folder can be found at C:\users\%username%\documents\document name.
Now you can work with documents offline, make changes, and then synchronize those changes once done.

How to check in all the checked out documents at once?
You will be able to check in the item or discard the check out of all the checked out documents by using Manage Content and Structure feature.
Go to Site Actions > Manage Content and Structure
Check in all the checked out documents.

What all are minimum permission levels required to Discard check out the documents?
The Override Check Out permission allows one user to check in a document checked out by another user. The same permission allows a user to discard the check out of a document checked out by another user. This permission is part of the Design permission level. Anyone who has Design (or Full Control) roles can check in or discard check out for documents.

What is the default size of upload document in SharePoint?
50MB. But SharePoint supports max is 2GB.

How to upload large size of documents to document library in SharePoint?
We can’t directly upload the larger files which are all the files having >50MB size. You may encounter the below exception if tries to upload >50MB files.
"An unexpected error has occurred"
"The page cannot be displayed”
"An unknown error occurred"
"HTTP 404 – Page Not Found”
“Request timed Out’
Reason is:  By default, the maximum size for uploading files is set to 50 MB. The maximum file size that it can go up to is 2,047 megabytes (2 GB) and IIS connection time-out setting is 120 seconds.
Please follow the below steps for uploading the larger files >50MB’s:
By increasing the Increase the Maximum Upload Size for the Web Application from Central Administration site.
  1. By increasing the connection time-out setting in IIS.
  2. By increasing the maximum upload size in the web.config file of web application.
  3. By increasing the default chunk size for large files.
  4. By adding ExecutionTimeout Value in the web.config


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