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Saturday, November 1, 2014

How to view the large number of records in a list/library even if exceeds the threshold limit value

There is a work around to view the large number of records in a list/library even if exceeds the SharePoint threshold limit value(5000 records).
Let me explain you briefly, I have a custom list/library and it is having one lac records approximately and now  we wants to show the results of one lac records in my list/library. But it is not possible because Sharepoint can not view the large number of records if exceeds the sharepoint threshold limit value(5000 records). 

Solution: create a new view and remove the filters/orderby/sortby/group by and select the show items with out folder option. We can view large number of records by removing all the these.

Benefit: we can search the results.

Please let me know for any issues.

Sasi kumar Reddy


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