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Thursday, January 31, 2013

SharePoint 2013 Features/Highlights:

Apps in SharePoint 2013/office 365:
I have already covered about the features and benefits of introducing apps in my earlier posts. Please have a look into it.
  1. Overview of apps:
  2. Host Web Vs App web
  3. Get Host Web url 
  4. And some list Operations on SharePoint 2013/Office 365 sites

Visual Webpart:
Deploy the SharePoint 2013-Visual Webpart in sandbox solution too.
Reason: SharePoint 2013 visual web part doesn’t mapped to “Control Templates” folder to store the ascx files. Both user control and web part classes merged into one template and work it as a normal web part.

Event Receiver:
  1. SPSecurityEventReceiver classes for Groups, Users, Roles, Inheritance.
  2. Event receivers for apps.
  3. Remote event receivers for apps.
SPSecurityEventReceiver is introduced to handle the events related to the SharePoint Groups, Users, Roles and Permission Inheritances.
SharePoint GROUP Events:
SharePoint User Events:

SharePoint Inheritance Events:

App Event Receivers:
  • Handle App Installed
  • Handle App Uninstalling
  • Handle App Upgraded
Remote Event Receiver: 

Note: As if now there is no such kind template available to handle the SPSecurityEventReceiver class Event Receivers.

Sandbox solution:
  1. Publish and deploy the SharePoint sandboxed Solutions to a Local and Remote SharePoint sites.
  2. SharePoint 2013 supports sandboxed visual webpart. Separate tool is introduced in visual studio 2012 for that.
Publish and deploy the SharePoint sandboxed Solutions to a Local and Remote SharePoint sites
After you develop a SharePoint solution in Visual Studio, you can either deploy its package (.wsp) file to a local SharePoint server or publish it to a remote or local SharePoint server. For that what will we do generally is deploy a solution package either by using from the visual studio or by using stsadm, PowerShell commands.

Visual Studio 2012 came up with the “Publish” option it is available at the solution explorer level. By using this you can deploy or publish SharePoint solutions to the local system; and also publish the sandboxed SharePoint solutions to remote sites or local SharePoint sites.

Note: As for now only the sandboxed solution can publish locally or remotely to any SharePoint sites.
And the “Publish” available for visual studio 2012 only.
Refer the msdn article to deploy solutions locally or remotely:

New Site Templates available in SharePoint 2013:
  • Collaboration
    • Developer Site
    • Project Site
    • Community Site
  • Enterprise
    • Discovery Center
    • Community Portal
  • Publishing
    • Product Catalog
Removed site templates from the SharePoint 2013:
The below list of site template no more longer available in next release of SharePoint 2013.
  • Document Workspace Template
  • Meeting Workspace Template
  • Personalization site template
  • Group work site template

 **Update: There is another detailed documentation available "Changes from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013".

Stay tuning for more updates..

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