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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

SharePoint administrator interview questions and answers: Recycle Bin

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What is Recycle Bin in sharepoint?
SharePoint has introduced a new feature called Recycle Bin to keep the deleted items, documents. Speciality of this feature is we can easily restore the accidently deleted items and files from the Reycle Bin. 

Recycle Bin Stages:
SharePoint supports two levels of Recycle bin. The initial or First level Recycle bin comes into picture when the user deletes an item from a list. Once the item is deleted again from the First level of Recycle bin it moves to the second stage of Recycle bin.
1st stage, known as the “end user recycle bin”
2nd stage, known as the “deleted from end user recycle bin”.
2nd stage Recycle Bin has a setting of site quotas for space limitations. If it reaches its quota limit, older items will be overwritten. If you are not enabled site quotas then 2nd stage recycle bin will have no space limitations.

Use the 2nd Stage Recycle Bin to define how long deleted items will stay in the site collection's Recycle Bin that only the administrator can use (Default: 50 percent of the disk quota for the web application. For example, if you have allotted 1000 MB of space for the web application, SharePoint will add 50 percent more (i.e., 500 MB) to that quota (a total quota of 1500 MB) to be used for the second-level Recycle Bin. When this limit is exceeded, the oldest items will be removed from the second stage Recycle Bin.
Note: First stage of Recycle Bin available at site level and only one Second Stage Recycle Bin available per Site Collection.

Below IMP points should keep in mind ever:
  1. The Site Recycle Bin feature is newly introduced in Service Pack 1 from SharePoint 2010, if you haven't installed ServicPack 1 for your SharePoint 2010 when you deleted the site collection; you need to restore the content database.
  2. The Recycle Bins can contain multiple copies of a document that each have the same file name and source. These documents cannot be restored over an existing copy of a document.
  3. The Recycle Bins cannot be used to recover previous versions or accidental overwrites of documents.
  4. Turning off the Recycle Bin for a Web application empties all Recycle Bins and permanently deletes all items in them and can only be restore from a backup.
  5.  If you have not enabled site quotas, the 2nd stage recycle bin will have no space limitations.

Who can view the 1st stage recycle Bin?
Minimum Permssions levels: Contribute, Design, or Full Control Permissions and site collection administrator.

What are all the minimal permissions required to restore the deleted items?
The deleted items can only view of their own and site collection administrator.
Recycle bin access permissions: Contribute , Design, and Full Control permissions.

What are all the permissions required to restore the deleted objects from the second stage of Recycle Bin?
Only the Site Administrator can restore objects from the site collection Recycle Bin.
You should have minimum site collection administrator permissions to restore the other’s deleted data from the Recycle Bin. Means the users who have deleted the content will be able to see the content in the recycle bin and next site collection administrators can view other’s data.

How many days the deleted content will be available in Recycle Bin?
The deleted object will stay in the Recycle Bin for 30 days by default.
After 30 days, the object is moved from the site's Recycle Bin to a site collection Recycle Bin.
All together is 30days: If deletes the item from the first stage recycle bin after 10 days. It moves to second stage recyle bin and stays there another remanining 20days. 

Which timer job cleans the recycle bin data if exceeded the time?
The “Recycle Bin” Timer job and it by default scheduled on daily basis in MOSS2007 and from 2010 onwards scheduled on weekly basis.

How to delete an item permanently from the SharePoint list?
Recycle () method: used for to move the items to the Recycle Bin
Delete () methods: used for to delete the items permanently.

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