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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

SharePoint administrator interview questions and answers: Recycle Bin 2

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How can we restore the deleted sub site from the Recycle Bin in SharePoint 2007?
There is no direct way to restore the deleted sites from the Recycle Bin in SharePoint 2007. But there was a wonderful tool from Codeplex: Site Delete Capture to back up sites automatically when they gets deleted, So that we can restore a deleted site collection in SharePoint 2007.

From the SharePoint 2010 onwards, we can restore the deleted sub site from the second stage of recycle Bin. If we delete the sub site, SharePoint will keep the deleted site in site collection recycle bin.
Note: You can find the deleted site secondary recycle bin i.e  “Deleted from end user Recycle Bin

Is it possible to recreate the deleted site in sharepoint? [Means i have deleted a  site( and trying to recreate with the same]?
Sol: In MOSS2007, When you delete a Site from the site settings it is deleted permanently. That meanns we can able to recreate the same once got deleted but from SharePoint 2010 onwards, When you delete a Site from the site settings it is deleted gradually.
Means, if you delete a site, and then create the site with the same name, SharePoint will ask you if you wish to permanently delete the site from the recycle bin so that you can re-create the site

How to restore the deleted site collection in SharePoint?
In prior versions of SharePoint Server 2010, if a site collection (that is, an SPSite object) was accidentally deleted, there was not a direct way of restoring a specific deleted site collection. The only method to restore a deleted site collection was to restore the entire farm from a backup. This was costly and time consuming, and typically was not performed.

When a site collection is accidentally deleted in SharePoint Server 2010 with SP1, the deleted site collection is stored in the SPDeletedSite object, not the SPSite object. Therefore, to restore a deleted site collection, you must use the Restore-SPDeletedSite Windows PowerShell cmdlet or programmatically access the object model.

E.g.:  Get-SPDeletedSite -Identity /sites/sitename | Restore-SPDeletedSite

My SharePoint site has exceeded the mentioned  Quota size limit but users still wants to add new doc to the document library? How can we achieve this?
Shorter way: Delete the unwanted data from the second stage of Recycle Bin.

Longer way: Increase Quota limit to the web application.

Note: Go with the second option only in case of if there is no unwanted data available in Recycle Bin. But keep in mind Release required to change the Quota limit [Why I mentioned “Release” point here we cannot directly change anything until unless get approval from the business users in higher level organizations].

Realtime Scenerio: I created site with 200MB of size and uploaded 200MB size of files to the document library[e.g:  2files and each one is having 100MB of size]. Later on, deleted those documents from the document library. But when I try to upload the 50MB of file again to the document library got the exception and it says: site Quota is FULL.
The reason for the exception is, those deleted 200MB files are still stays in first stage of Recycle Bin. Solution: Delete those from the both first stage/second stage Recycle Bin and then try to upload or increase the site Quota.

Note :2nd stage of Recyle Bin, overwritten the old data when it exceeds.

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