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Friday, January 23, 2015

sharepoint interview questions with answers: ListVsLibrary

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Move documents between document libraries along with versions?
You can only copy the documents to others along with major version only.

Exception: “The data source control failed to execute the update command
Got the above exception while trying to attach the file to the list item in MOSS2007
The reason for the exception is attaching file name exceeded the limit (max size limit for single file is 128 characters).

Exception: “The specified file or folder name is too long. The URL path for all files and folders must be 260 characters or less (and no more than 128 characters for any single file or folder name in the URL). Please type a shorter file or folder name”
By default, SharePoint limitation for Size of URL is 260 characters.
Microsoft recommended size limit for single file name is 128 characters and URL limit is 260 characters. 
I have uploaded one document to the document library and when I open it through browser the size of the URL is 258 characters(max limit 260) and later on I have changed the web application “” to and now my the document size of the URL is 263 characters(means exceeded the limit).

As per my understanding: you can’t edit/download the document but we can view the document through browser.

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