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Saturday, January 10, 2015

SharePoint administrator interview questions and answers: Recycle Bin3

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Is it possible to re create the same site collection after immediate deletion of this?
We can recreate the site collection after immediate deletion of site but before starts we have to perform either of the below two actions otherwise you will get the below exception:
               "A site collection with the same URL is already in the Recycle Bin"

Action#1: Manually starts the “Gradual site delete:” timer Job.
Action#2: Return the “GradualDelete” parameter a $False in the PowerShell
Note: Microsoft recommending does not use the action#2 for in case of deleting the site collection which has larger volume. Reason it increases the load on the system during the deletion process.

I delete a site which has other sub sites. Now, is it possible to restore the deleted sub sites? I mean is it possible to restore the child sites without first restoring the parent sites.
Remember, Restore a child of site that has also been deleted, you need to restore the parent first. For example: If you try to restore “/sites/site1/subsite1/subsite2/sub3” before restoring the parent /sites/site1/subsite1/subsite2”, nothing happens.

Getting the exception “Specified method is not supported” while trying to delete the site?
Upgrade your databases to SP1.

What is the method to delete all the deleted site collections in web application?
Method to delete all the “deleted” site collections under a specified web application.

Get-SPDeletedSite -webapplication http://sharepoint | Remove-SPDeletedSite

Note: You will be prompted to delete them one by one, if you want it to run through them all without further prompts just enter the letter “A”

How to delete site that has other sub sites sharepoint?
SharePoint will give error “you can’t delete a site that has sub sites when we try deleting a site having sub sites”.
Good tip to overcome this and delete the site along with sub sites is using Site content and structure
In SP2007: using stsadm cmd, you cannot delete the sub site if it contains other sub sites.

Scenario on Office 365:

Deleted site collections go into the site collection Recycle Bin and are retained for a 90 day period. If you accidentally delete a site collection, it can be restored from the site collection Recycle Bin by a site collection administrator within 90. If you need a site collection restored after this 90-day period has elapsed, it can be restored by Microsoft within 14 days by contacting Office 365 via a Service Request.

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