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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Get DateOnly from Caculate a Date in Ninetex workflows

Nintex workflow has introduced a “calculate a date” activity to get the date and time values. By using this activity, we can get the updated and fixed date time values.

Here are the steps:
1.      Create a new Nintex workflow.
2.      Add the “Calculate a date” activity (see below image)       

3.      Create a new workflow variable of type “date time” (name: CurrentDate).
4.      Open “Calculate a date” activity and check the check box “use date when actions is executed” only (see below figure) and select the “CurrentDate” workflow variable in “store date in” option and then click “save”(see below image).
5.      Now the current date value is stored in “CurrentDate” workflow variable. But draw back here is, you will get the current date with system default time also (e.g. 1/1/2011: 12AM).

To get the date only:
6.      Create another new workflow variable of type “Text” (Name: GetDateOnly).
7.      Assign the “CurrentDate” value to “GetDateOnly” and then click “save” option (see below image).     
8.      Now, you can get the date only value.
9.      You can add the “log in the history list” activity also to get the history of the workflow variables.
10.      It’s so simple right but i have spent too much time to get date only. that's the reason i am sharing my experience to all.

 Thanks for reading post.


  1. and i want that all interview q ans..

  2. Hi Ravi, I am preparing all the sharepoint FAQ's with answers and topic wise. will update all soon.

    Sasi Kumar Reddy