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Thursday, February 23, 2012

SharePoint interview questions and answers1

1. Document Library - how to set word template as default.
  • By default, it is word template. We can change the template also.
  • Go to document library-->settings-->form library settings-->Advanced settings
  • In that “Template URL” option is there. We can give the path here.
2. Without using “CreateChildControl” is it possible to render a WebPart?
     Yes, by using RenderControl method.
3. Can you create folders in custom list?
    Yes. By default, Folder option is not available to the custom lists. For enabling it, go to the list settings-->Advanced settings-->select the “Display ‘New Folder” command on the New menu” option.

4. What is the maximum file size you can upload in SharePoint?
     50MB- Central administrationàApplication managementàweb application general settings]

5. What are the file types we can’t upload to SharePoint site?
    Central administrationàOperationsàBlocked file types under Security Configuration]

6. Content Retention:
    We can configure “Information management policy settings on documents/content types to specify when they expire.

Preparing best answers to the posted company interview questions. Will try to answers the most of them questions soon.

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