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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

TCS SharePoint Interview Questions:

  1.  How to perform unit testing?
  2. How to display particular sever control in master page and also that control should be display for the admin only?
  3. I deployed the features at the site collection level. It will store in site collection folder. How can I hide the deployed "feature" from the site collection feature level?
  4. In WSPBUilder, what is the use of manifest.xml file?
  5. List definitions means?
  6. Page viewer webpart and dataview webpart?
  7. CAS in sharepoint?
  8. How to increase thedll’s trust levels that are placed inside \bin folder. One way is increase the turst level “minimal” to medium”. Can you explain onther way also?
  9. Is it possible to maintain same content DB for more than one web applications?
  10. How to access the outside users without having credentials?
  11. Single sign on means?
  12. I have 2 features. If I activate the one feature, another feature has to activate automatically?
  13. Which of one best: user control or web parts?
Will post the answers to the above Questions soon.

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