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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sonata SharePoint Interview Questions

  1. What do you mean by extending web application?
  2. Use of SSP
  3. WebPart deployments other than solution packaging. Tell something about different package methods.
  4. What is the use of Features?
  5. How do you embed .js files in WebPart
  6. How do you attach external .js file in SharePoint
  7. webusercontrol - how do you put in custom WebPart
  8. Difference site pages/ application pages
  9. How you create master pages(different methods)
  10. How you deploy master pages.
  11. How you configure audience.. all methods
  12. WebPart lifecycle
  13. Different scopes for features
  14. What is farm(SharePoint hosted on multiple machines that behave as a single instance)
  15. Dispose() method in WebPart life cycle
  16. Custom list/ Document library differences
  17. Can you create folders in custom list?
  18. SP designer workflow procedure. tell all steps
  19. Out of the box web parts available in SharePoint
  20. Difference Content query WebPart / Content editor WebPart
  21. Data View WebPart
  22. Master page - default content placeholders
  23. WSS design placeholder. Its use
  24. Namespaces and  classes in object model
  25. How do you create sub sites in object model
  26. Different types of events.
  27. Event receivers and their methods
  28. KPI list WebPart
  29. Approval workflow

Will post the answers to the above Questions soon.

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